Morris Chestnut Wrote a Book Report On How Curvy Girls Are It Now –

Morris Chestnut Wrote a Book Report On How Curvy Girls Are It Now


Sex symbol Morris Chesnut is all about that bass in the most respectful way possible. He just wrote an essay about how curvy girls have revolutionized the thinspo-obsessed culture of fashion because he cares. (You may know him from Boyz n the Hood, The Best Man, and the The Best Man Holiday.)

Highlighting Denise Bidot, Passion Jonesz, and Joanna (Jordan) Borgella, Chestnut writes that, “no size defines the essence of a woman.” He celebrates, and with good reason, that fashion has gone from “slim and trim” to “big and boss” and welcomes you to “the new epitome of sexy bold and beautiful.”

While these women have made barrier-shattering progress in plus-size visibility, we’re not so sure that plastic surgeons aren’t making money off of making people thin anymore. But he’s on point about the push for more clothes that fit. He notes that the bar for what plus-size women could wear used to be low, but now bloggers propel that flashy, confident steez. “Now, it isn’t lame to be seen in plus-size stores, but the selection was limited and typically didn’t fit the diverse styles of many full figured women.”

Based upon the popularity of curvacious models and bloggers, you are probably familiar with this “trend” of non-skinny humans. Fashion is no longer baffled by wider waistlines, and brands have even managed to embrace it. They’re realizing that plus-size women are attractive in their own way, mainly because it’s a powerful “trend.”

It’s becoming a much more pervasive part of fashion on the internet, which is destroying the tendency for these curvy girls to wear a painter’s tarp. Unfortunately, there’s still a disappointingly short list of mainstream brands to get with it. The sky has yet to shower plus-size cutout jumpsuits. But these brands better get in line or they’re plotting their own demise, and pissing off Morris Chestnut.


3 thoughts on “Morris Chestnut Wrote a Book Report On How Curvy Girls Are It Now –

  1. I love this blog. Its about time men are men and women are definitely women. You dont see guys drooling after skinny ass little women walking along the road, its the real women with curves that they love to watch. I know, i am one of them. So Girls, get off those skinny diets and let yourself get a curvier and better figure. I am not saying put on weight and be fat, quite the opposite. Let your body be natural, and feed it with the right foods and drink. And yes, exercise, but not overdo it. In fact, Enjoy your life and be yourself. You will love the new you, and so will your Man.


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