11 Inspiring Quotes From Plus Model Magazine’s ‘Love Your Body’ Issue (Daily Venus Diva)

Plus Model Magazine recently released their October 2013 Love Your Body issue and it’s amazing.

On the cover is plus size supermodel Fluvia Lacerda, posing confidently wearing a two piece red lingerie set. Once inside readers are greeted by steamy editorials featuring some of your favorite plus sized models.

As always, PMM captured some stunning visuals for this issue. Models like Monique Robinson, Christina Mendez and Tiffany Bank will make your jaws drop but the thing that I loved the most were the body positive quotes in the Love Your Body Issue.

Take a look for yourself and tell us which quote is your favorite.

“The Body Is Not An Apology” (Featured Monique Robinson, plus size model)

“Don’t Let Your Mind Bully Your Body” (Featured Christina Mendez, plus size model)

“Being Plus Sized Is Not A Curse and none of us should be leading a life as a “Before” ~Madeline Jones, PMM E.I.C.

“In order for change to happen we have to speak up and be heard.” ~Marcy Cruz, PMM Blog Editor

“We are on a mission to change the way that society views fashion, body image, and overall social standards.” ~Reah Norman, PMM Executive Fashion Director

“Yes, we are models….but our energies should be directed to respecting.” ~Fluvia Lacerda, Plus size model

“If you work in an industry that sells clothes for plus size women, then that’s how you should be labeled.” ~Fluvia Lacerda, Plus size model

“Stop trying to be something you aren’t and embrace the unique beauty of who, and what, you are.” ~Keith Webb, Male model

“October is a vibrant and tremendous 31 days full of powerful, feminine energy focused on raising awareness, educatiing the community about breast cancer, and celebrating survivorship.” ~Yve Edmond, PMM’s Wellness Editor

“Set goals and work hard and you’ll get there; it may take years but you’ll get there.” ~Bernadett, Plus Size Model

“Seeing more and more beautiful plus sized women in the mainstream media was the catalyst for my desire to become a model.” ~Alissa Maree Abba, Plus Size Model

These quotes alone sum up what this month’s issue of PMM is all about.  Now head over to their website and check out the October 2013 Love Your Body Issue of Plus Model Magazine.


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