Letter to Samantha Peterson

A “must watch” video! Thank you Samantha Peterson!!!


Dear Samantha Peterson,

I have recently watched a video on YouTube titled “Dead Men Can’t Catcall”. I didn’t search for it, I found it on my newsfeed on Facebook. Today I am thankful for social media. Today, I am thankful that I saw this video. You are an asset to all woman kind, with the way that you speak and are passionate for what you believe in. Many years I have struggled with self image due to the way that people seem to see me, in particular the way that the opposite sex view me. I now know that whatever they say, whether they think it is true, is utter horse shit. I have had many things said to me in my time, but none can compare to your “I like a big girl in bed, baby. More room to paint on”. It is true what they say; some men…

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