40 Things I Think About Before Falling Asleep

Thought Catalog


After an exhausting day of work, nothing feels better than when my head hits against the pillow and my body’s tension subsides into the mattress. I can never fall straight asleep, so I think about things…

1. Are all the lights shut off?
2. Did I leave any cups or dishes out?
3. Did I lock the doors?
4. Did I lock my car doors?
5. What time do I need to get up tomorrow?
6. What time is it now?
7. If I fall asleep right this second, I’ll get (this) much sleep; that should be OK.
8. What are my plans this week?
9. What’s going on the rest of the month?
10. Oh crap, bills are due soon.
11. What articles do I have to do for work?
12. When are their deadlines?
13. What other jobs could I pursue with a journalism degree?
14. How…

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